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    Holiday Readiness: Put Quality Sleep On Your Holiday "To Do List"
    Anxiety, Depression and Exhaustion... Oh my! Is Sleep Apnea the Culprit?
    $50 toward insurance out-of-pocket expense for your initial scheduled appointment. Before the holidays rule out Sleep apnea & TMJ Disorders with an Exam and Consultation. Your Office Visit will be with our trained staff of professionals. ENT's and Primary Care doctors of Peoria are reffering people for the Koala Oral Appliance as a successful treatment for sleep apnea and a comfortable alternative to CPAP. Get free from the hoses, and snuggle up with your sleeping partner once again!
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    phone: 309-243-8980
    Offer Valid: October 17, 2018December 31, 2018
    Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce