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    May 09, 2019
    Anytime Fitness North Peoria is pleased to announce a local partnership with EP!C. Anytime Fitness and EP!C both strive to positively impact the lives of those around them. EP!C’s motto: Empowering People. Inspiring Capabilities., which overlaps well with AFNP's goal to help make healthy happen by empowering and inspiring people with a welcoming, encouraging atmosphere, as well as, through individual and group coaching.

    Anytime Fitness is donating and discounting used exercise equipment so the EP!C staff can focus on taking their health and wellness to a whole new level. Anytime Fitness coaches will also be on site to lead a 1-hr fitness class 2 days per week that will include nutrition, as well as, health and wellness information. “This partnership with EP!C means so much to me” says Anytime Fitness Owner, Doug Pinter. “It’s because of our AWESOME members at Anytime Fitness North Peoria, that we are able to have the opportunity to support others, and supporting others in our community is extremely high on my list of things to do in the Peoria-Dunlap community. EP!C inspires AFNP every day, from their amazing staff to the people they serve, EP!C reminds me that being KIND is easy to do, a simple wave, a wink or even better, a hug can change a person’s outlook on their day. We are truly looking forward to establishing this partnership and helping impact the lives of those at EP!C.”

    This program will benefit participants not only in the workplace, but in their everyday lives. One outcome is the potential for EP!C to reduce their overall cost of insurance. Since EP!C is a non-profit with a large staff, Anytime Fitness hopes to be able to save them dollars that drive their mission. By coaching people into a healthier lifestyle, it will lead the participants to experience less doctor visits, emergency room visits, less medications and missed work.

    Benefits of following a workout program go far beyond the work environment. It can help lower stress, prevent illness and increase employee morale. A consistent program may lead to:
    •Increased well-being, improved self-image and higher self-esteem
    •Improved coping skills with stress or other health factors
    •Reduced risk for developing chronic or life-threatening conditions
    •Increased motivation to improve health

    This partnership will also allow Anytime Fitness to hire on an individual who has participated in EP!C’s Job Placement Program. EP!C has seamlessly matched AFNP with a new employee…”He has all of the attributes we are looking for in a quality Coach to lead others to a healthier lifestyle. He has an incredibly upbeat demeanor and outgoing personality, and will be a true asset to our company. He is also the Assistant Football Coach at Dunlap High School, and will soon be a part of our AFNP family. We are looking forward to this new addition to our team!” Pinter said.
    Doug Pinter, Owner
    (309) 966-4217