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    February 27, 2018
    Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc. (CMT) stockholders gathered for their annual meeting this past Saturday on February 24 at the Crowne Plaza to elect its Corporate Officers and Board of Directors, part of the ongoing transition of leadership that has made our company so strong.

    CMT is pleased to announce that William (Bill) Bailey is being elevated to the position of President while Dan Meckes continues to serve as Chairman and CEO.   Elected as a corporate officer for the first time is Dave Burkum as Chief Financial Officer. Other elevations included Brian Welker from Vice President to Sr. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Roger Austin from Vice President to Sr. Vice President and Secretary, and Charles Taylor from Vice President to Sr. Vice President.

    The following individuals were elected as corporate officers:
    • Daniel R. Meckes – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    • William L. Bailey, Jr. – President
    • Brian R. Welker – Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
    • Louis H. Dixon – Senior Vice President and Treasurer
    • Roger A. Austin – Senior Vice President and Secretary
    • Michael J. Doerfler – Senior Vice President
    • Bernard D. Held – Senior Vice President
    • Bruce L. Jacobson – Senior Vice President
    • Thomas W. Roy – Senior Vice President
    • Charles E. Taylor – Senior Vice President
    • Steven K. Schroll – Vice President
    • Kevin D. Nelson – Vice President
    • Stanley P. Hansen – Vice President
    • Gregory E. Heaton – Vice President
    • Eric J. Hansen – Vice President
    • Raed A. Armouti – Vice President
    • Bradley M. Hamilton – Vice President
    • Christy L. Crites – Director
    • Davie Burkum – Chief Financial Officer
    The entire board is as follows:
    • Daniel R. Meckes, Chairman
    • William L. Bailey, Jr.
    • Louis H. Dixon
    • Thomas W. Roy
    • Roger A. Austin
    • Brian R. Welker
    • Stanley P. Hansen
    • Christy L. Crites
    • Charles E. Taylor
    Crawford, Murphy & Tilly is a full-service consulting firm focused on aviation, surface transportation, water resources, and civil & site services. CMT provides planning, design, and construction observation phase services on projects that range from simple to complex.