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    January 11, 2018
    The City of Peoria Community Development Department has launched a new Code Enforcement notification system for property owners. Property owners who sign up for the notification system will be notified via text message and/or email the same day an ABATE or work order has been issued at their property.

    To sign up for the notification system, visit www.PeoriaCodeViolations.com. Property owners will register using the Parcel ID number. Parcel ID numbers may be found by following the instructions listed on the website. Once registered, a text message and/or email will be sent to the phone number/email address associated with the property when an ABATE or work order has been issued at a property.

    Compliance continues to be the main goal of the Code Enforcement Division and this new software should serve as a valuable tool for property owners. The Code Enforcement Division will continue to communicate to all homeowners and our landlord community the importance of being proactive, holding their tenants accountable and monitoring their own property.

    Owners will receive a notice on the same day their property is found to have environmental violations, allowing them to remediate the problem in a timelier fashion. This helps to reduce blight in neighborhoods and maintain property values. PLEASE NOTE: This notification service is not intended to be relied upon to ensure a property is free of code violations and lack of receiving a text message or email is not a defense for having the violation. In addition, repeat offenders are subject to citations based on current Department policy. The City of Peoria will complete certain work orders on a priority or emergency basis.

    On occupied structures, the ABATE notice serves as notice of an environmental violation. Owners have five days to correct the violation before a work order is issued. On vacant properties, property owners are responsible for proactively making sure environmental violations do not exist. Previously, no notice was given to the vacant property owner before a work order was executed by the City of Peoria contractor, as none is required per City code. By signing up for the new system, vacant property owners will receive a notice that a work order is issued, allowing the owner to potentially correct the violation before the City of Peoria contractor.

    More information can be found about neighborhood programs and the importance of Code Enforcement at AppreciatePeoria.com.

    For questions regarding information contained in this press release, please visit our website at AppreciatePeoria.com or call Assistant Community Development Director, Joe Dulin, at 309.494-8600 or contact by email at jdulin@peoriagov.org.