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  • RiverPlex and South Side Office of Concern Collaborate on Fundraiser to Help the Homeless

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    December 06, 2017
    The RiverPlex and the South Side Office of Concern are working together to raise money and new items needed by the homeless population in our community.
    Here’s how it works: Park District employees are signing up for one-hour exercise time slots at the RiverPlex between 5:00am and 7:00pm on December 12 & 13. The goal is to raise a minimum of $100 during their time slot so they can get off the bikes and treadmills before their hour is up. However, some have committed to exercising for the full hour, to exceed their $100 goal and raise as much as possible to help those in need during the cold weather months.
    The cash equivalent for new donated items is as follows:
    • Hand and foot warmers (pack of 2 = $1)
    • Travel size hand sanitizer ($2)
    • Hats ($5)
    • Gloves ($5)
    • Socks (pair = $1)
    • Lip balm ($.50)
    Any cash donations received will be presented to the South Side Office of Concern, who will use the money to purchase bus passes and laundry tokens for those who need them.
    Would you like to get in on the fun? Join us at the RiverPlex on December 12 & 13, bring your donations, and cheer us on! You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about all of the RiverPlex’s exciting offerings that help benefit the health and wellness of our community.
    The RiverPlex is a joint project between the Peoria Park District and OSF St. Francis Medical Center and is operated by the Peoria Park District. You can find a full schedule of events and programs in the Peoria Park District Playbook, which is available in a searchable format online at www.peoriaparks.org/playbook, or can be picked up at any Park District facility, area libraries and businesses.
    Public stewards of nearly 9,000 acres of park and greenspace and another 185 buildings, the Park District's mission is to “contribute to a healthy and vibrant Peoria community by responsibly using our District resources to offer high quality parks and recreation experiences to those who live, work and play in our District.”

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