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  • Rotary Club of Peoria North Celebrates Reading by Bringing Author to Roosevelt Magnet School

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    February 08, 2018
    On Wednesday, February 7th students at Roosevelt Magnet learned ways to overcome their own “dragons” thanks to a visit from Stacey Glorioso, author of Joshua’s Dragon.  In an energetic assembly Glorioso shared her book with the children to encourage students to overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives. 
    “Everyone is wired differently… everyone battles a different dragon.  Whether it is asthma, shyness, or fear they will not be accepted by their peers, all children have the amazing ability to tame their dragon, just like Joshua.”
    In the book, Joshua, a courageous boy who has autism, teaches others that if he can take on the challenges of his disability, they too have the strength within to take on theirs. Stacey will use Joshua as a bridge to motivate children to tame their own personal challenges. Whether their dragon is shyness, clumsiness, or a fear of acceptance, all children will learn how to come up with their own personal plan of action!
    Glorioso’s assembly teaches children how to come up with realistic strategies to tame their own dragons and never use the words, “I can’t do it.”
    Several members of the Rotary Club of Peoria North spend time each week reading with first grade students at Roosevelt along with hosting them as their adopted school. The opportunity to bring Glorioso to Roosevelt is a way to extend the club’s Rotary Reader efforts to children in other grade levels at the school.
    Rooted in social emotional learning, the Joshua’s Dragon pep rally is an easy-to-understand way for children to understand and manage their emotions.
    The 4 rules for taming your dragon are:
    • Have a plan of action
    • Never give up
    • Give 100% effort
    • Never make fun of someone for having a dragon
    Whether children face shyness or a fear of acceptance, they can learn to create their own plan of action.
    Learn more: http://www.peorianorthrotary.org/