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    Peoria, IL (August 16, 2013)-The Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a Business Roundtable Meeting with Congressman Aaron Schock this morning for area businesses. Representatives from the US Chamber and Illinois Chamber were present. As the leading voice and resource for business in the region, it is important to provide opportunities for area businesses to speak with elected officials.


    Peoria Chamber Board Chairman Brent Eichelberger said opportunities like these align with the Chamber’s strategic plan. “We are happy to provide opportunities that give small businesses access to policy leaders. Over half of the attendees are area businesses with fewer than 25 employees.”


    Schock opened up the discussion with the topic of tax reform and outlined tax reform rates. “We have the highest corporate tax rates in the world and we need to lower tax rates for small business in order to remain competitive internationally. Even if you are a small business owner in Illinois, you will see a benefit.”  


    Tax reform remains essential to seeing a decline in unemployment. Reforming tax code will lead to the creation of nearly 1 million jobs during the first year alone.  Schock explained, “When money flows in, people hire, and unemployment starts to decline.”


    Congressman Schock explained the need for immigration reform. “We have a broken system. Other countries have stricter laws. Illegal citizens need to be taxed and wait in line with everyone else waiting to become a legal citizen.” Schock also addressed the need for reform on the country’s infrastructure. “There is no disagreement that we are underfunding infrastructure.”     


    Ben Taylor, Executive Director, Great Lakes Region at US Chamber of Commerce, presented Congressman Schock with an award honoring his pro-business voting record. Taylor thanked Schock for his votes in Congress. “Schock is talking about the business issues that are important, including healthcare reform, tax code, trade and transportation. Schock has a 97% lifetime voting record with the US Chamber.”


    The event concluded after the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce presented the All American City Congressman with an All-America City t-shirt.