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    Annual Community Leadership School


    Community Leadership School (CLS) strives to unite 42 adults around a single goal: to motivate and inspire its participants to a higher level of community awareness and involvement. In its 44th year, CLS has become the trusted program for transforming talented people into true community leaders. 


    Community Leadership School meets on Friday mornings beginning January and lasts until April.  Supervisor support is necessary because students will miss approximately 2 hours each Friday dedicated to learning about the community in which they live.  Students will also be given a group project to work on in small groups and with team leaders which may require time away from the office.  The cost for Community Leadership School is $1,200 for Chamber members and $1,500 for non Chamber members.  If you have any questions regarding Community Leadership School please feel free to contact Sherneka Cagle at scagle@peoriachamber.org or 309-495-5970. 

    Our Mission:

    The purpose of Community Leadership School is to strengthen the Peoria area by developing future leaders who are educated on issues and challenges facing our community.


    2018 Community Leadership School Class at the 43rd Annual Graduation


    Selection Process and Criteria

    1. Applicants must have full cooperation and sponsorship from their employers and associations.

    2. Applicants must possess the following:

    * A demonstrated ability to achieve the personal goals

    * A ready availability of time and resources to devote to community service

    * A personal commitment to the Greater Peoria area


    3. Participants are expected to:

    * Attend CLS weekly classes

    * Attend the orientation reception and graduation dinner

    * Participate in class projects

    * Attend as many field trips as possible



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