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  • Holiday Tips for Protecting Yourself

    It is the season of giving.  The average consumer will spend $700- $800 and travel 564 miles for the holidays.  If you are not careful you could be giving much more.  Here are some obvious tips or reminders to protect you from thieves.


    If you make it easy for people to steal from you, chances are someone will.

    - Frank Abagnale, renowned con-artist


    1. Protect your soul-cial security number. – The heart and soul of your identity is your social security number.  Don’t carry your card, don’t give out your number unless you understand their need for it and trust the person you are giving it to.
    2. Hush hush – Don’t share your plans for travel on social networking sites.  Social networking sites have been a favorite place for burglars to schedule their business.
    3. It’s in the mail – The mailbox is one of the riskiest points of identity theft.  An overflowing mailbox may tip off a thief that you are gone and mail is a valuable source of information. 

     - Pick up your mail as soon as possible
     - If you are going to be gone, have someone trusted get your mail.
     - Don’t leave outgoing mail in your mailbox

    1. www.surfer_beware – The World Wide Web; your best source for information, shopping, recipes and thieves.

    - Install a firewall, anti-spam and anti-virus software program and keep it updated.
    - Use strong passwords and change them regularly
    - Be cautious with internet use.  
    - Check that security signatures are up to date when shopping on line and avoid shopping online in WI-FI cafes, hotels and anywhere else they offer free wireless internet.
    - Only connect with people on social media you know! 

    1. Destroy it – Shred all paper; utility bills, insurance papers, credit card statements   and offers.  Don’t overlook computer hard drives and back up devices. 


    Treat your personal information like you do your personal safety – lock your doors and buckle your seatbelts.  Stay consistent in implementing these controls so that your home can be a place of peace and joyful giving this holiday season.


    AAA Certified Confidential Security Corp (CSC) is Central Illinois’ first certified shredding company.  Find CSC online at www.confidentialsecurity.com or contact them at (309) 691-0909.