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  • Illinois Help Leading the Country in Job Creation

    Source: EMSI, a CareerBuilder company 

    Economist Tyler Cowen wrote in Time Magazine last year that Texas, more than any other state, “looks like the future” of America because of its population and jobs boom, cheap land, limited government regulation, and low taxes. But it’s not just on the jobs and migration front that Texas has eclipsed every other state. The Lone Star State has also created the most net business establishments - nearly a quarter of the net national total - since the end of the recession.

    As we documented in a new analysis with CareerBuilder, Texas created 22% of the nation’s net private-sector business establishments from 2009 to 2012 (more than 29,000). New York created 16% of all net establishments (nearly 21,000)and Illinois created 14% (18,000-plus). That’s more than half of all net establishments since the end of the recession in three states. More here.