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  • Keep Illinois Retailer's Collector's Sales Tax

    Legislators from the Illinois House are seeking possible
    policy changes which can be made to increase revenue. One
    way of doing this is to reduce,cap, or eliminate the
    vendor's sales tax allowance.

    The vendor collection allowance is used as
    a reiumbursement for retailers for collecting and
    administering the sales tax for local and state governments.
    The tax allowance would also cover specialized computer
    costs to collect the tax. Illinois busineeses spend a lot
    of time and effort to invest in equipment to collect and pay
    the sales tax. With no technological resources, Illinois could
    not function, without the support and assitance from the
    Illinois business community.

    The Sales Tax currently allows retailers to keep 1.75% of
    the tax. A retailer has made a $100,000 in sales tax.
    Retailers would be allowed to keep 1.75% of the $100,000
    which is $1750 after the sales tax.

    Legislators should consider increasing the allowance instead
    of eliminating it, for the purpose of increasing state revenue.
    Reducing an allowance which helps businesses regulate the
    state tax is not the answer for an increase of state revenue.
    Silence should not be taken for this issue. Make your voices
    heard by sending a brief note to the members of the Sales
    Tax study committee by clicking here.