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  • Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce Invited Area Businesses to Speak with the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce

    Peoria, IL (August 20, 2013)— The Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a Business Roundtable Meeting and Reception with the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FICC) for businesses interested in learning more about exporting to Israel.  FICC is Israel’s largest and oldest business and employers’ organization, with over 5,000 members and over 7,000 associates.  FICC remains focused on strengthening Israel’s collaboration with local U.S. chambers and other trade organizations. 

    As the leading voice and resource for business in the region, the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce continually seeks to communicate critical business information to the business community in the Greater Peoria Area.  FICC President Uriel Lynn and Vice President of Government, Parliament and Legislation Affairs Dan Carmely spoke with business leaders from across the region. 

    Peoria Chamber Interim President Mary Ardapple explained the importance of building relationships with one another. “It takes time to develop relationships. The Peoria Chamber will continue to facilitate a regional dialogue, opening up new exporting opportunities for businesses.”  

    Lynn said Israel’s progress over the last 30 years can be a model for other countries. According to Lynn, Israel’s success can be attributed to “reducing taxes, privatization, creating competition, and introducing change gradually. Today, Israel has a very strong economy. Israel’s unemployment is below 7%.”

    Carmely explained that Israel’s strong economy makes them an ideal market for U.S. companies looking for new opportunities. “Israel likes U.S. made products. We want to buy more from the United States.”

    Carmely outlined several opportunities in Israel for U.S. businesses including: automotive aftermarket parts, educational services, intelligent transportation systems, homeland security and defense, electronic components, telecommunication, and travel and tourism. “The biggest problem for exporting goods is the approximate 8600 mile distance from shore to shore. Israel’s free trade agreements with the U.S. were signed nearly 30 years ago. We are working closely with the U.S. Chamber to update those free trade agreements.”

    Lynn concluded the discussion by adding, “It all starts with a product. Many people have products looking for new markets.”

    Additional information and resources from the meeting will be available on the Chamber’s website. Contact Mary Ardapple at 309-495-5920 or visit www.peoriachamber.org to learn more about exporting to Israel.   

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