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    As part of an ongoing effort to provide value to our members, the Peoria Area Chamber, partnered with energy experts CQI Associates, are happy to announce the Spring 2014 enrollment campaign for the Commercial Energy Co-op.

    Deregulation laws in Illinois give you the choice in who supplies your businesses’ electricity or natural gas. This program has been successful in providing cost reduction to its members since it inception in Illinois in 2007.

    Here are just a few more benefits:

    • Increased Purchasing Power in procuring electric and natural gas at the most competitive rates to businesses,
    • Eliminates the need to ‘go through it alone’.
    • Budget Stability (no more ‘roller coaster costs’) by offering Fixed Rate energy supply costs.
    • Year round Customer Support through energy experts CQI Associates. 

    This is an excellent time for Members to join the Chamber of Commerce Energy Purchasing Co-op program to seek electricity and natural gas supply services for your commercial accounts. Electricity and natural gas rates will continue to rise over the next 24 months. Secure budget stability by locking in your supply services into a contract now. In addition to traditional supply procurement, services such as Demand Respond Load, Curtailment, and Utility Rebate Programs are also available through CQI.

    The Chamber will be offering informational webinars to provide further explanation about the program. CQI Associates will be hosting webinars on the following days:

    Webinar Schedule:   

    ●      March 12, 2014 – 11:00 am

    ●      March 18, 2014 - Noon

    ●      March 26, 2014 - 12:30 pm

    You will be required to register in-advance for any of the above webinars. 

    The application covers ALL of your electricity and natural gas accounts for ALL locations.

    To enroll in the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce Commercial Energy Co-op:

    1. Complete and Sign Letter of Authorization obtained through the chamber or CQI
    2. Please provide a full recent copy of all of your Utility bill/s, all pages, for all accounts you are enrolling.
    3. Please scan and email full copies of all documents brian@cqiassociates.com or fax to 217-791-5295
    4. Please mail the originals to : 

    Peoria Area Chamber Of Commerce

    100 SW Water St.

    Peoria Illinois, 61602

    Phone: 309-495-5923

    Fax: 309-495-5912
    Attn: Jolene Cole

    The application deadline for the Chamber of Commerce Energy Purchasing Cooperative program is Friday March 28, 2014.

    If you have any questions contact Brian McLemore with CQI Associates at brian@cqiassociates.com or call 217-855-8417.