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    Source: Illinois Chamber of Commerce

    The Illinois employers as represented by the organizations below, and their members in Illinois, have not wavered and are speaking with one voice: Illinois employers cannot afford another minimum wage increase.


    Illinois already has a minimum wage higher than all of our neighboring states and we are tied for the sixth highest minimum wage in the country. If Illinois were to pass a $10 minimum wage, that amount would almost double the rate since only 2003. This is far too drastic.


    While the national unemployment rate continues to drop, Illinois is easily the highest in the Midwest and fourth highest in the country. Another minimum wage increase will only make hiring entry-level workers more difficult, and keep people who need these jobs, especially young people out of work. The number of teens with a job in Illinois has fallen consistently over the last ten years leaving only about a quarter currently employed. Younger workers in urban areas fare even worse; less than one in ten African American teens in Chicago are employed. Chicago's Hispanic and Caucasian teens also face difficulty finding work, but they are statistically more than twice as likely as the city's African American teens to be receiving the experience of a paycheck. The result is a significant number of young people are not gaining the basic and valuable work experience to propel them up the economic ladder in the future.


    The National Restaurant Association notes that nine out of ten salaried restaurant workers, including owners and managers, started as hourly workers. Inexperienced employees have the ability to garner the necessary skills to advance and earn higher wages. Another minimum wage increase will deny them those skills and their start on the economic ladder.

    A broad coalition of Illinois employers and their associations are unified in opposition to an increase in the minimum wage:

    • Illinois Retail Merchants Association
    • National Federation of Independent Business
    • Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
    • Illinois Chamber of Commerce
    • Illinois Association of Convenience Stores
    • Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association
    • Hospitality Business Association of Chicago
    • Illinois Beverage Association
    • Illinois Manufacturers' Association
    • Illinois Farm Bureau
    • Illinois Food Retailers Association
    • Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Illinois Licensed Beverage Association
    • Illinois Lumber & Material Dealers Association
    • Midwest Equipment Dealers Association
    • Midwest Hardware Association
    • Six Flags Great America
    • Technology Manufacturing Aligned
    • Automotive Parts & Service Association of Illinois



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