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People of Peoria


Kelly Schneider, Community & Public Relations at O-Ono

Kelly Schneider of O-Ono says, “Peoria is always doing good and having fun.” Head of Community and Public Relations at O-Ono, and host of the local radio show, What’s Up Peoria?, which focuses on fundraising and entertainment opportunities in the Peoria area, Schneider is involved in almost every facet of Peoria’s community. Read More


Andre Allen, Dean of Students at Methodist College

Andre Allen of Methodist College, proudly shared his optimism for the city of Peoria. “We’re in a rebuild right now. We might not make the playoffs this year but we’re gonna
get a draft pick,” said Allen, apologizing for his frequent sports references. Read More

Tim McCormack2

Tim McCormack, Executive Director at Illinois Eye Center

Tim McCormack of Illinois Eye Center describes Peoria, his hometown, as a “microcosm of the US.” He credits its “inherent diversity” for the top talent found in our healthcare industry. Read More

Stephanie Alkhafaji

Stephanie Alkhafaji, Director of Marketing & Communications at Tada Cognitive Solutions

This is Stephanie Alkhafaji’s advice for anyone considering moving to Peoria: “Do it. If you decide to move to a community, commit yourself to becoming a part of it. Familiarize yourself with the nonprofits and the populations they serve. Patronize the small local businesses. It’s so much more fun to go there and know the owner.” Read More

Christian, Erik - headshot

Erik Christian, Principal Consultant & Owner of HR Fit

Erik Christian said, “One of the things I love about my hometown is it's full of people that are dedicated to making our city great. People are so generous with their time and money. That's what makes it a community.” Read More


Wendi Ramsay, CPA, EA of Ramsay & Associates

Wendi Ramsay was born and raised in Peoria. Ramsay believes it is easy to take Peoria for granted when you’ve been here your entire life. After living in Chicago for 27 years, Ramsay has a unique perspective on the benefits of a small city. Read More

Jeff Ensinger-1a

Jeff Ensinger, Executive Director at BNI of Central Illinois

Jeff Ensinger has lived and worked in Peoria, IL his entire life, and has encountered a wide variety of people. When asked why he loves Peoria, Jeff credited his community. Read More

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